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Shoshin is a Japanese term that translates to "beginner's mind." It refers to the attitude of approaching a situation with an open mind, free from preconceptions and preconceived notions. In the context of the design process, embracing Shoshin principles can lead to more innovative and thoughtful outcomes. When applying Shoshin in design, designers cultivate a mindset of curiosity and receptivity. They are willing to explore new ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and seek inspiration from various sources. By letting go of assumptions and ego, designers can better empathize with users and identify their real needs, which in turn can lead to more meaningful and user-centric solutions.​Moreover, Shoshin encourages continuous learning and iteration. Designers embrace feedback, both positive and critical, as opportunities for growth and refinement. This openness to improvement allows for flexibility in the design process, enabling designers to adapt to changing requirements and uncover unexpected insights.​

Welcome to the beginning of your Shoshin jouney.

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