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Artificial intelligence is transforming higher education

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

In my opinion, AI is a game-changer for higher education, but it also requires careful and responsible management. AI can offer many benefits for students, faculty, staff and administrators, such as enhancing efficiency, personalization, creativity and collaboration. However, AI also raises many ethical, legal and social issues that need to be addressed with transparency, accountability and respect. For example, how can we ensure that AI does not discriminate, manipulate or harm anyone? How can we protect the privacy and security of data and algorithms? How can we foster a culture of trust and dialogue among all stakeholders involved in AI development and use?

The article offers some suggestions for addressing these questions, such as engaging in campus wide discussions about the impact of AI, exploring an AI-across-the-curriculum approach, and establishing an interdisciplinary longitudinal research agenda. These suggestions are aligned with the principles of the Rome Call for AI Ethics and the Data Ethics Decision Aid, which provide frameworks for the ethical governance of AI. I highly recommend reading the article to learn more about the future of AI in higher education and how we can make it both better and more just.


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